Friday, July 11, 2014

Happy (Super) Belated Canada Day!

Happy Friday!!! I can't believe we are almost halfway through July! Also it's also my first post of the month..whhhhhhhaaaat. Talk about discipline and motivation! 

Hope all my Canadian readers had a lovely Canada day! I ended up going to the Rib Fest at Centennial Park, and watching the fireworks after.  It was my first time at a rib fest and MAN was I overwhelmed. There were so many booths all selling ribs and displaying their trophies. How does one choose where to eat? I chose the Kentucky Smokehouse because a) they were from amuuuurica, rumor has it that they have the best ribs and b) they had the longest linup.  When in doubt go with the most popular one.  My friends and I went into a major food coma because right after the ribs we had  other fatty foods like funnel cake and the blooming onion. 

PS Sometimes I feel like I'm cheating in life...looking relatively thin while gorging myself with crazy amounts of fatty foods. 

Have a good weekend yaa'lll!


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  1. I randomly discovered you blog and I must say I like it and I will follow you from now on :)