Monday, June 16, 2014

Wash, Rinse, Dry, Repeat

Things that have been on my mind...
It's important to try new things that we may or may not be comfortable with. The outcome will always surprise you.

Set goals whether it be daily, monthly or yearly ones. Push yourself mentally and physically to achieve them but don't forget to enjoy the process. 

Surround yourself with positive and supportive people who you love and love you back.



Top- Winners // Jeans- Forever 21 // Boots- Target // Rings- Forever 21

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Superdry Collaboration- Favourite Things: Toronto

A couple weeks ago the clothing brand Superdry asked me to give my two cents on all of my favorite spots to go to in Toronto for their blog.  They created this super cute map with all my picks on it! Ch-ch-check it out :)

1. The best café would have to be the board game café Snakes and Latte!

2. One of my all time favorite restaurants is Guu (398 Church Street). It's an Izakaya restaurant that you can be found in both Vancouver and Toronto.  The atmosphere is energetic with servers and chefs yelling out hello and goodbye in unison every time someone enters and leaves. The food is tasty beyond imaginable and prices are set pretty reasonably.  

3. For a more casual bar, I would recommend the Supermarket (268 Augusta Ave).  Amazing Asian inspired food, live music, dance parties…there’s always something fun going on there. 

5. I’m really into fitness and am obsessed with taking classes at Brass Vixens (721 Queen St West & 577 Yonge St) right now. They have a wide range of classes like pole dance, burlesque, aerial fitness, yoga, sexy hip hop, and chair dance!

6.  I love to eat at all times of the day/night, so naturally my favorite bars serve food as well.  For a sophisticated yet cozy bar, I would highly recommend West Bar (510 King West).

8/9. I’m also huge on vintage shopping, some of my favourite stores are Stella Luna (1627 Queen St West), The Public Butter (1290 Queen St West), 69 Vintage (1100 Queen St West), and Vintage Mix 1 (186 Ossington Ave)

10. For heavenly mouth watering homemade Gelato and Sorbetto, check out Boreal Gelato (1312 Queen Street West)!

PS If anyone is interested in more vintage shopping in Toronto, I've included the cutest hand drawn vintage shopping map that Vintage Mix 1 gave me a couple years ago. (They also had them rolled them up like a treasure map too!)

Monday, June 2, 2014

Minion Life

Last weekend I worked as a photographer for my friend Alex's photobooth for Anime North.  It's one of those events where everyone goes all out and spends months making their costumes. I originally planned on being super sexy Lara Croft (my childhood hero) but couldn't find the right guns. I decided to dress up as the next best sexy thang...a minion ( I am absolutely obsessed with Despicable Me). It's one of those animated characters that I can really relate to.  They're clumsy and silly. Obsessed with bananas, and love to make weird noises.  

On the last day I decided to wear a dino kigurumi dragon onsie (another scandalous choice) as I had it lying around the house. And by wear I mean put on at the end of my shift to take photos because it was sweltering HOT in there. It was so much fun dressing up and I can't wait for next year!

Happy Monday everyone!!!