Saturday, May 17, 2014

DAISO/ 100 yen stores- Best Place on Earth

When I went to Japan last November, I was really excited to visit Daiso, the 100 yen ($1) store. If you have visited a Daiso in North America (In Richmond BC, Washington, or California), you will understand the exhilarating feeling one may get when walking into a giant Japanese dollar store that sells essentially anything and everything in a much cuter form. Another great thing about shopping at Daiso in Japan is that products are actually $1.  In North America, each item is $2 (most likely due to shipping costs).

I've included pictures of the purchases I made in Japan below. A product that I repurchase and love dearly but do not have a picture of, are the shoe insoles made out of this towel material.  I feet sweat a lot, so it's nice to have an insole that soaks it all up and can be thrown into the laundry and dryer!

Have a lovely weekend!

Daiso in Harajuku
Super cute post it note paper

Really good quality nail polish (made in Taiwan)

All time favourite eyelash curler. I've been using this for over four years. It's a partial curler so I have to do one section at a time. The great thing is that I can curl the little ones at the edges.

White head /black head remover. Gross but necessary and way more sanitary then using your fingernails.
Cute nail stickers. Easy to use, quick, fun, $1, can't go wrong.

I've tried a couple brands of double sided eyelid tape at Daiso and this seems to be the one that lasts the longest!

Oil Blotting paper- I can't go through a day without using one of these sheets! I keep this one on my desk because its a huge box!
Daiso is every ocd organizing freak's dream.  My favorite type are the clear plastic boxes so I can see what's inside of them!

These products are not form Daiso but a regular $1 store.  The great thing about Japan is that licensed products such as Sanrio are dirt cheap!


  1. Hahaha, man, I wouldn't miss the opportunity to shop the hell out of this store! So many cute thingies!

  2. I always assumed other nations had their version of dollar stores, but this is the first I've seen. Pretty neat.