Monday, April 28, 2014

Weekend Adentures

It's still insanely chilly in Toronto despite it being late April. We did have an amazing sunny day couple weekends ago, so 2 of my girlfriends decided to go on an impromptu day trip to the waterfront in Pickering. It was a beautiful day to just hang out and catch up while enjoying the view by the water. Of course a day trip wouldn't be complete without some junk food. We may have gone a little overboard...They also had a mini village with cute specialty stores. It reminded me a mini version of Steveston Village in Richmond BC where I'm originally from.  It's a super cute place and highly recommend anyone who is in the area to check it out!

Happy Monday everyone!

Choose the one that does not belong...

POO-POURRI. Yes.. it's a thing. There's a really store that sells party accessories and gifts called Soiree!

Margo an amazing lady that owns hand makes all the soaps at Carberry.  The prices are pretty reasonable here because they're whole sale prices!

I ended up purchasing two Tea infused soaps!


  1. Sounds like a great trip! It's been unnaturally cold where I live too for April. I'll be glad when it actually starts feeling like spring!

  2. Thank you for your lovely comments!!! Margo (Carberry Soap)

  3. OMG! The Carberry! I could die in that store!!!! *_*

  4. I really like the name of your blog, such a cool name! I actually just stumbled across your blog, and I'm a Canadian blogger as well, fashion blogger to be exact. Have a lovely day!