Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sochi 2014- Team Canada Nails

Another winter Olympic has come to an end! Feels like only yesterday when it was being held in Vancouver. I wish I posted these earlier in case if anyone else wanted to try them but my life has been running a bit behind schedule. Oh well, guess whoever reads this can try it out...TWO YEARS LATER. Or you can just change the one look with the Olympic rings and use this idea for Canada Day!

What you need
White Polish-Sally Hansen-White On
Black Polish- Gosh-Nero
Red Polish- Essie- She's Pampered
Blue Polish- Essie-Butler Please
Green Polish- The Face Shop- GR502
Yellow Polish- The Face Shop- YL701
Top Coat- Out The Door
I found that painting on the maple leaf was the hardest. It just usually ends up looking like a marijuana leaf. I ended up drawing it in lightly with a ball point pen, then outlining and filling it in with a fine paint brush. To remove the pen marks, just gently rub an eraser on it!

 Ah! The Canadian flag with a heart in the middle because nobody can paint a maple leaf on with their left hand no matter how good their dexterity skills are (unless you're left handed). Whatever, a heart is cuter anyways. I used scotch tape to divide the red and white in half and then used it to create a V for the bottom of the heart to create a cleaner edge.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!

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  1. If I try this, I'd end up with big messy blobs on my nails and a whole lot of spilled nail polish on my table :D How do you do that! It must be magic! :D