Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Beauty Haul- Japan Ed.

January is almost over and  it's only my first post! I'm finally back in Toronto after traveling for a month and a half. During my time in Japan and Korea, I've acquired many beauty products (primarily drugstore).  The beauty industry is so overwhelming in Asia, that everytime I walk into a drugstore, I pretty much get anxiety.  I chose some products that were highly rated online by other bloggers while others were just chosen on a whim.  One thing I did notice in Japan was that While drugstore face products were reasonably priced,  makeup was priced much higher and rarely went on sale.  I ended up steering clear from purchasing cosmetics because of the price and the fact that  I'm a little reluctant to try new products that may end up not being right for my skin (this happens often with mascaras and foundation).

Anyways hope you all enjoy this post and have a lovely week!

So...apparently applying liquid soap directly to your face is a bit harsh while using foam is a lot more gentle. These foaming nets are pretty simple to use, just put some liquid soap onto the net and lather it up, squeeze out the foam and use that on your face. I got them for approximately $2 each.

The DHC Mild Touch Cleansing Oil is meant to be used in the shower.  I find that it's more effective with the steam from the water and when using a washcloth.  It's got a serum texture and light lavender scent.  I tend to use this when I have light makeup on. I leave the heavy duty stuff to the DHC Deep Cleansing Oil (below).  It contains 100 ml of product and costs about $10 in drugstores.

This oil cleanser is absolutely amazing, especially during the dry winter weather.  It removes absolutely everything and leaves my skin moisturized but not too oily.  It's most effective when you apply it using dry fingers/hands and on your face without wetting it.  It's 70 ml and the price ranges from approximately $6-$10.

This toner is alcohol AND scent free which is a huge bonus for me.  This DHC product wins for best packaging because of the cute frosted glass bottle that the product is in.  Most toners that I've tried tends to dry out the face. However this DHC mild lotion it on the moisturizing side. For approximately $10 you get 40 mL of product.

What I love about Asia is that there are so many levels of Shiseido products.  This is one of their drugstore foam cleansers that retail for approximately $5- $9 depending where you purchase it and if it's on sale.  I haven't used it for too long but it does the job removing dirt and oil without making the skin too dry.

This WaterLip Mentholatum tinted lip balm with SPF 20 retails for approximately $2.  They had a whole range of colors but the tint is close to nothing.  This was a bit disappointing because the picture showed a very tinted and glossy formula.  

Another Shiseido drugstore product! This is one is a hair oil that claims to protect the hair from heat and UV rays while keeping the soft and moisturized. You get 60 mL of product for approximately $7. After washing my hair and toweling it dry, I use about two pumps all over concentrating on the roots.  Smells super fruity and flowery but not overwhelming, so that's a plus!

I knew this product was going to be a good one when I saw the Cosme award sign on it.  This Lip Cream is an absolute dream. I've used all kinds of lip balms like EOS, Rosebud Perfume, Watkins, Softlips etc, and this is by far the most moisturizing without it feeling sticky.  It's reasonably priced at around $5 for 1.5 grams of product. Not a whole lot of product but its fragrance free, no preservatives, and works wonders!

Shu Uemura's products are great because they are geared towards Asians.  We tend to have flatter bone structure which would cause pinching when using a regular eye lash curler.  This one gets all your lashes even if they're on the short side.  You can get it for around $10 at a Japanese drugstore or $20 at their online site.

Suhada Shizuku Pack Gel is another highly rated product on Cosme.  Its an all-in-one gel acts as a toner, cream, pack, milky lotion and serum (essence). The formula is really interested... The gel is on the watery side but once you rub it into your skin, it forms little droplets of water! They come in 2 sizes, 50 g and 120g.  I went for the 120 g which retails for approximately $20.


pa nail polished are on the less expensive side when compared to other nail polishes.  I picked up a couple because of the price and wide range of colors they had.  They range from $2.50- $4.00 each depending if they're just the regular polishes or if they are the special edition ones with holographic glitter.  They go on smoothly and have pretty even coverage (even the light pink one!). 


The Sana Hadanomy Collagen mist claims to be a lot of things.  A setting spray, moisturized toner, and an anti wrinkle product.  I absolutely hated it as a setting spray because the product was a little too thick and it had a hard time drying.  I'll probably use it as a moisturizer at night to help with those dry patches.  I'm not thrilled with this spray but I only paid about $8 for 1000mg of product 

I've been using Cure Natural Aqua Gel for over 2 years now. Let me tell you, this product does not mess around.  It is Japan's bestselling exfoliator for a reason. It's a gel formula that you apply on your skin, but when you start rubbing and massaging it on your face, the dead skin cells literally peel off. There's nothing as satisfying as watching your dead skin go down the drain. Also your wallet too! It retails for approximately $30 in Japan but $45+ online. The only negative thing is the pump that gets clogged up due to the product drying in the area.