Friday, December 20, 2013

People: Japan Edition

This was originally going to be a post consisting of just street style shots.  I renamed the title to just People because I realized I didn't just take photos of people wearing interesting clothes, but people with a positive and bubbly aura. When I go through these photos I don't look at them from a fashion standpoint at all. Instead I remember their modest laugh when I told them I liked their clothes, the genuine love I felt between friends, and the hours of conversation I had with them (special thanks to Google translate for making that happen).

I'm super thankful for the wonderful people I met during this trip! xoxo



  1. The guy in the second photo, I would date that guy! :D Awesome photos, they make my energy levels go up for some reason ^_^

  2. wow at the Hello Kitty guy next to the super cute girl

  3. I love the way you captured the inspiration in your pictures. I am always amazed by the sense of style and the translation of personalities to outfits on the other side of the world (at least for me it is the other side). Really great pictures!
    Happy holidays,

  4. Hi Lia!! It was nice to see you at Takao-Mountain in Tokyo!
    My gf were so glad to see you,too! Great pix!! This is my Instgram acount! Check it out.

    We have a word for you "we wanna hang out with you someday"!
    Keep going to well your activity!!!