Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Kats of Korea

I'm finally back in Canada and in my hometown Richmond after traveling for a month! I took so many photos while on the road but once I got home, the first batch of photos I got right to editing were the cat photos. Korea had an abundance of wandering cats, many of them can be found in Gamcheon Village in Busan, or just roaming around outside of temples and parks. Stay tuned for my next post where I post a travel guide on finding the cutest cats in Korea (I haven't decided if I'm being sarcastic yet).

Hope ya'll enjoy these cat photos!


  1. These photos are so cute! What a bunch of adorable cats! Can't wait to see more photos from your travels! xx


  2. the last cat looks almost like a feral cat. They are cats that return to the wild and live on their own.

  3. What a cute post! You said the cats can be found outside of temples..are they sacred or something similar in Korea?