Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Work. Sleep. Eat. Repeat.

These past couple of weeks have been absolutely crazy as I've been working on a Lifetime movie in the costume department as set supervisor.  The amazing thing about working in film is that you get to see amazing locations that you would normally not come across.  It's also far from glamorous. We shot in a cabin which was filled with beetles. At one point I even found one in my hair. 

I found time to do this outfit post last week when I rejoined society for a day and met up with people in the real world.  I know every other blogger out there has this Zara skort, so one thing I would like to ask is...WHY are their sizes so big? An XS should not have a 30" waist. #smallpeopleproblems

Anyways, hope ya'll have a lovely week!

Marble top- Wilfred // Skort- Zara / Leather Jacket- Danier Leather // Shoes- Isabel Marant // Watch - Michael Kors // Bracelet- Rachel Roy // Earrings- BCBG // Bag- JustFab


  1. Wow, creepy place :D
    Your skort is just amazing, you styled it with a personal touch, which is why I love your outfits ^_^

  2. you look stunning! and what an amazing way to spend your days. Work sounds like its rewarding and fun, though i probably would have screamed like a girl if i had found a beetle in my hair!

  3. Wow, your job sounds so cool, even if it is a little gross at times (I think I would have died if that beetle was in my hair)! Glad you got some down-time after all of that, though.