Monday, October 14, 2013

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

The movie I've been working on has finally wrapped a couple days ago! This means that I'll actually have a life, and have time to brush my hair, tame my brows and do my nails. (It's the little things that count okay?) I'm absolutely ecstatic that I will soon join society once again.  

These photos were taken a week ago when I was still working. (By the way, that messy wavy hair look was TOTALLY done on purpose). It's a super comfy and relaxed outfit I wore on my day off.  However there was one little internal struggle I kept having. I know crop tops are all the rage right now but how annoying are they really? If I'm not worrying about how bloated I look, I'm thinking about the food baby that I'll eventually have at the end of a meal. Maybe crop tops are only meant to be worn only in the mornings before lunch...

Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

P.S I was recently featured on IVillage's post on Canadian Fashion Bloggers We Love! Go check them out!

Crop Top- Urban Outfitters // Jeans- Denim and Supply -Ralph Lauren // Boots- Steve Madden // Watch- Michael Kors


  1. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving babe!!!! Gotta love it!!!! Fabbbulous outfits!!!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! We don't celebrate it in Italy but it sounds like a beautiful and fun holiday!

  3. congrats on the feature and happy thanksgiving!! are you going back to van this year?!