Sunday, August 25, 2013

Indian Summer

I'm quite ashamed of the number of posts that have been published this month.  August is coming to an end and this is post #2! I'm on quite a roll if you ask me. It has continued to be a busy month in the film world.  I've been working on a couple of shows like Beauty and the Beast, Warehouse 13 and new teen period show on CW. 

Im also quite depressed as summer coming to an end. Even though it is still hovering the mid 20's here in Toronto, you can still feel the chill in the air in the mornings and night. WINTER IS COMING YA'LL. 

Hope you all have a lovely week!

Dress- Urban Outfitters // Sandals- Aldo Accessories // Clutch- Asos // Watch- Michael Kors // Ring- Jessica Fang // Hair clasp- Forever 21

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Floral Punch

I haven't been posting much these past few months as my main squeeze and beloved photographer has left me for someone else... aka the Big Apple. I've also been busy with film work this month this month.  For example I started work at 5:30 pm on Sunday and ended work at 6:00 am on Monday. There's nothing like going to work when the sun is starting to go down and leaving work when the sun is coming up. I'm pretty sure I was unable to form coherent sentences by the end of that day. I finally got a day off on Monday and bribed someone to take these photos for me!

Hope ya'll have a lovely week!

Dress- Top Shop // Shoes- Vince Camuto // Clutch- Aldo Accessories // Ring- Aldo Accessories