Wednesday, December 26, 2012

DIY- Winter Tips

This could be one of the worst nail tutorials that I'm every going to post... for multiple reasons. I took these pictures during exam time aka nail peeling/biting relapse time therefore my nails look a bit uncivilized.  Secondly, I fell asleep after doing my nails, hence the very apparent sheet marks on my thumb.  Lastly, I actually forgot to take pictures for the gradient silver polish. SO... here goes nothing.

You will need...
OPI- My Boyfriend Scales Walls // Gosh- Silver // Glitter Polish for Daiso // Out the Deck // Sponge// Old tag or business card

1. Paint 2-3 coats of My Boyfriend Scales Walls. I like this color because it's whiteout white but a light blue white.

2. Using a sponge, dab a bit of silver polish at the tip of the nail making sure the tip is the most dense

You can also paint a thin layer at the tip to avoid less less dabbing

3. Using a glitter polish paint over a layer of glitter where the gradient appears. This looks best with two sizes of glitter eg: fine and octagonal.  There is also an option to sprinkle loose glitter on clear polish.

4. Finish it off with your favorite top coat!


  1. So pretty! looks like snow^.^

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  2. Hey! nice blog :)
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    Can you follow me back please?

  3. What a great manicure!

    Kisses, Lucy:)

  4. Pretty. I love the silver tips idea for a NYE party.

  5. Hi Lia, this is a lovely manicure! I so love a bit of sparkle! I love your, nails, cats, all good! Thank you for stopping by my blog and saying Hi.

    Sue xo

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  6. Seeing things like this makes me really wish I had the patience and steady hand to do my nails! Love how this is reminiscent of wintery icicles!


  7. Nice nails! Very festive =)
    Happy Year 2013 with much blessings and have a fantabulous year! =)

  8. I really like these! Very simple, but wintry and perfect for New Year's! Happy New Year!

  9. This is actually a Great Tutorial, i am going to try it, so thanks