Saturday, November 17, 2012

Firsts- Polish Haul

Believe it or not I've actually cut back a lot from buying polishes. One of the main reason being that there's no room to store it in my apartment anymore. I'm sure that my parents and friends think that I have some crazy obsession. But hey, let's look at this in a more positive light, at least I'm not drinking it.

It was my first time buying Butter London. Usually I steer clear from it just because it's a bit too pricey for me at $17 a pop. The only reason I picked up two was because I got a decent discount on them.  It's not my first time buying OPI but I thought I would throw them in this post just because I'm that lazy.  The only reason I tried out Zoya was because they came out with a holographic collection. Bonus points for naming their polishes with superhero names. The Forever 21 polish was an impulse buy while I was waiting in line to pay. I always think people who purchase things while waiting in line have no self control and are incredibly dumb. Exhibit A *points to self*

Left to Right: Butter London- Jaffa, Butter London- Primrose Hill Picnic, OPI- Golden Eye, OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls, OPI- The World Is Not Enough, Zoya- Blaze, Zoya- Aurora, Forever 21- Blue Green

OPI- Golden Eye
This is my absolute fav out of the whole James Bond collection. Your really need 3-4 coats before it becomes opaque. Taking it off is real hassle too but in my opinion totally worth it! This crappy picture doesn't do it justice

 OPI- The World is Not Enough
Slate grey with muticolored glitters (mainly pink/purple). Easy removal, can't complain.

OPI- My Boyfriend Scales Walls
I absolutely love this color. It's a really pale blue that almost looks white. Unlike most light colors, this one doesn't streak. I know it's Spiderman themed but the name of this polish is pretty horrendous

 Zoya- Aurora
I think this is the most holographic one out of the whole collection.  It lasted a good 6 days without chipping so that was impressive. Not a HUGE fan of this barney purple but honestly, I will wear anything with holographic glitter in it.

 Zoya- Blaze
So I originally wasn't going to buy this since I'm always on the fence with red polishes and lipstick. My bff was all "I love this!!! It's so pretty" and so I bought it. I blame this purchase on peer pressure. 


 Forever 21- Blue Green
I think this polish had a lot of potential in the bottle. It had a flakey glitter with a triple chrome color going on.  However, after I put it on it just looked like a metallic blue/green color. To see the purple glitter you have to look at your nail from different angles. For $3.80 I'm not going to be bitter about it!


  1. Love the golden eye and aurora colours!

    Love Bo,

  2. I love O.P.I. ! :) They really have great stuff :)

    Nice post ! Love your blog ;)

    Would be great if we followed each other, don't you think so ? :)



  3. Wow, I love My Boyfriend Scales Walls! The pale blue is stunning!

  4. Wooowww...I like especially the silver and gold color !

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  5. I've never had a nail polish by Zoya but they look very pretty, nice colors! Also the gold OPI,, fabulous!