Friday, November 2, 2012


This outfit was from a couple of weeks ago during the Collections. If you've read my past posts, you would know I have a love hate relationship with red lipstick.  I want to try SO hard to make it work on me, but half the time I feel like a baby prostitute.  

The most recent acquisition was F-Bomb by Urban Decay.  It straddles between a gloss and and lipstick but comes in pencil form. Unfortunately it's not a retractable pen and requires sharpening which resulted in getting the product stuck in the sharpener. So THAT was a huge bomb.

Anyways, hope ya'll had a safe Halloween.  Unfortunately, I was stuck writing a paper and didn't go out.  Obviously I did it in my dinosaur costume... I swear it gave me superpowers.

Shirt- Banana Republic // Shorts- Forever 21 // Jacket- Zara // Boots- Jeffrey Campbell // Envelope Clutch- Asos // Scrabble Ring- Etsy // Cube Ring- Old Gold Boutique // Necklace- Banana Republic


  1. Very nice and tasteful! The right outfit to do almost anything with. ;)

  2. I love this outfit, especially the shorts! And the red lipstick looks good on you.

  3. I love the red lips and your shoes!!

  4. your sense of style is so good, I am in love with you.

  5. love this whole outfit! thanks for droppin by my dear. i was doing homework too during halloween. what a fun life. haha!


  6. You actually look high fashion in your red lips! But I have the same thing going on with red--always wondering if it's too harsh on me.

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  8. What a great outfit, I am loving the pops of blue. And clutch is simply just amazing! :)


  9. Phahahaha, baby prostitute :D Too hilarious!!!! Yep, know what you mean, have the same relationship :D
    But I think it looks wonderful on you, especially with your dark hair. And let me just say, that jacket is amazing!

  10. Super like your outfit!! nice clutch!! <3

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    I would love that you and your readers could take a look! and probably follow each other on bloglovin!


  11. You have such great style :) I especially love the oversize clutch and the pop of colour it brings to the outfit. Nice coat too-perfect for Winter weather!!


  12. Ugh, love that skirt~ I don't know what it is lately but, leather and black just makes me happy<3

    Very nice outfit~


  13. Love those boots!! Very nice outfit. Great style you got there!

  14. where's that dinosaur costume with the magic powers? i adore your shoes they go well with your clutch. that red lipstick does look fantastic. too bad about the frequent sharpening, blah. ;)

  15. Love that clutch and those boots! I just got pleather shorts from Forever 21 myself but mine are slightly different. I don't even want to try wearing it outside in this rainy cold weather, I'm saving it for a special night out or a trip to somewhere warmer. I also have a love/hate thing going on with red lipstick, I think it looks awesome but you feel just so self-conscious about it when your parents have told you all your life that red lips or nail polish equals prostitute (no exceptions).