Thursday, November 29, 2012

Can't Hug Every Cat

As some may know, I am a huge cat lover.  Unfortunately, I'm allergic to them therefore limiting me to pictures and youtube videos. Photographer Miyoko Ihara has been taking pictures of her grandmother for Misao and kitten Fukumaru for 13 years.  Her grandmother found the abandoned kitten behind a shed and took it in.  These are the sweetest pictures you will ever see. Prepare to melt!


Saturday, November 24, 2012


I'm in Paris ya'll! I'm kidding, that's just a cell phone tower outside the window of my school computer lab. I was in there for hours, looked out the window, started hallucinating, and totally thought I was in Paris. 

School has finally slowed down a bit so I'm excited to update my blog a little more than once a week. The shirt from this outfit was another find from one of my favourite vintage stores from Stella Luna.  It's got a really cool Parisian scene printed on it.  I found it really hard to style just because I wanted to tuck it in, but then you wouldn't be able to see half the scene on the shirt. 

Anyways, hope ya'll have a lovely weekend!

Shirt- Thrifted from Stella Luna // Pants- Cheap Monday // Shoes- Jessica Simpson // Belt- Dex // Bracelet- Forever 21

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Firsts- Polish Haul

Believe it or not I've actually cut back a lot from buying polishes. One of the main reason being that there's no room to store it in my apartment anymore. I'm sure that my parents and friends think that I have some crazy obsession. But hey, let's look at this in a more positive light, at least I'm not drinking it.

It was my first time buying Butter London. Usually I steer clear from it just because it's a bit too pricey for me at $17 a pop. The only reason I picked up two was because I got a decent discount on them.  It's not my first time buying OPI but I thought I would throw them in this post just because I'm that lazy.  The only reason I tried out Zoya was because they came out with a holographic collection. Bonus points for naming their polishes with superhero names. The Forever 21 polish was an impulse buy while I was waiting in line to pay. I always think people who purchase things while waiting in line have no self control and are incredibly dumb. Exhibit A *points to self*

Left to Right: Butter London- Jaffa, Butter London- Primrose Hill Picnic, OPI- Golden Eye, OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls, OPI- The World Is Not Enough, Zoya- Blaze, Zoya- Aurora, Forever 21- Blue Green

OPI- Golden Eye
This is my absolute fav out of the whole James Bond collection. Your really need 3-4 coats before it becomes opaque. Taking it off is real hassle too but in my opinion totally worth it! This crappy picture doesn't do it justice

 OPI- The World is Not Enough
Slate grey with muticolored glitters (mainly pink/purple). Easy removal, can't complain.

OPI- My Boyfriend Scales Walls
I absolutely love this color. It's a really pale blue that almost looks white. Unlike most light colors, this one doesn't streak. I know it's Spiderman themed but the name of this polish is pretty horrendous

 Zoya- Aurora
I think this is the most holographic one out of the whole collection.  It lasted a good 6 days without chipping so that was impressive. Not a HUGE fan of this barney purple but honestly, I will wear anything with holographic glitter in it.

 Zoya- Blaze
So I originally wasn't going to buy this since I'm always on the fence with red polishes and lipstick. My bff was all "I love this!!! It's so pretty" and so I bought it. I blame this purchase on peer pressure. 


 Forever 21- Blue Green
I think this polish had a lot of potential in the bottle. It had a flakey glitter with a triple chrome color going on.  However, after I put it on it just looked like a metallic blue/green color. To see the purple glitter you have to look at your nail from different angles. For $3.80 I'm not going to be bitter about it!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Fragment (Consider Revising)

So I've been pretty MIA due to all the school work that I've been tackling.  It's gotten to the point where I find myself putting iceream in the fridge and yelling "HA YOU'RE WRONG" at Microsoft word when they suggest "fragment (consider revising)". 

Hope ya'll enjoy my WTF finds by Fantich and Young.  The suit is made from human hair (I like how they don't specify which part of the body it's from.  "The lapel hairs were harvested from the back of a hairy man...we were only doing him a favour"), the buttons were made from glass eyes, and the shoes have 1050 dentures stuck at the bottom. I'm also surprised that they didn't use real teeth considering that they used real human hair. Think of the number off Tooth Fairies that could have made some serious cash selling their stock.

Monday, November 5, 2012


It's been a crazy the last two weeks so I took it easy this weekend by... going to the dentist and getting my cavities filled! Nothing like spending all afternoon sitting in an uncomfortable chair with your mouth pried open for hours. I went into the dentist hoping I didn't have to get freezing and the needle but I unfortunately had small cavities on 3/5 surface of one tooth.  I was all, "can't we just clean it, fill it, sweep it under a rug and pretend it never happened"? $500 later, I was cavity free and had a numb face.

This is currently one of my favourite outfits. I absolutely adore this Walter Baker top with sheer fabric in the back and my silver scaley necklace that I found at Le Chat Perlé, a vintage store in Montreal.  And because it's an all black outfit, I decided to try out a new lip color called Euphoria by Cover Girl in hopes of channeling my inner Jessica Stam!

Top- W118 by Walter Baker, Jeans- 3f, Boots- Dolce Vita, Bag- Allibelle. Necklace- vintage

Friday, November 2, 2012


This outfit was from a couple of weeks ago during the Collections. If you've read my past posts, you would know I have a love hate relationship with red lipstick.  I want to try SO hard to make it work on me, but half the time I feel like a baby prostitute.  

The most recent acquisition was F-Bomb by Urban Decay.  It straddles between a gloss and and lipstick but comes in pencil form. Unfortunately it's not a retractable pen and requires sharpening which resulted in getting the product stuck in the sharpener. So THAT was a huge bomb.

Anyways, hope ya'll had a safe Halloween.  Unfortunately, I was stuck writing a paper and didn't go out.  Obviously I did it in my dinosaur costume... I swear it gave me superpowers.

Shirt- Banana Republic // Shorts- Forever 21 // Jacket- Zara // Boots- Jeffrey Campbell // Envelope Clutch- Asos // Scrabble Ring- Etsy // Cube Ring- Old Gold Boutique // Necklace- Banana Republic