Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Toronto Fashion Week:Mikhael Kale, Melissa Nepton, Bustle SS13

There's nothing like trying to go about your day while its pouring rain, let alone during a day where it requires you to travel to different locations during fashion week at rush hour. Why do umbrellas flip?!  We can clone a sheep, send a robot onto mars,  but are unable to design a flip proof compact mechanical umbrella? WHY? 

Anways...I attended 2 shows and a presentation from Mikhael Kale in the Distillary District. Then had to hop back over to David Pecaut Square for Melissa Nepton and Bustle. Enjoy the pictures!

Mikhael Kale

Melissa Nepton



  1. that looks like a really awesome event! I like that gallery idea of them standing on the side. why doesn't ottawa have anything like that!

  2. these look fantastic! that is so true about the umbrella too hahah


  3. Love how they just blended in~ looked like an eventful evening<3


  4. Can't believe you took all these pictures! Look so pro.
    I was soo close to going to Toronto fashion week :/
    I'm at U of T! Which year? if you dont mind me askingg