Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Collections: Day 1- Chloe Comme Parris + Label SS13

The madness has begun! This year fashion week takes place over the course of two weeks which is so lovely considering it's that time of the year when projects are due and midterms are coming to bite me in the ass. Therefore, this post is going to be done McDonald's drive through style.

Chloe Comme Parris' collection oozed California girl.  Beach waves, messy braids, flowy fabrics, and muted pastel colors.  I love that once in a while there would be some kick ass dontmesswithme leather designs styled together with those flowy cute numbers. The leather black shorts are on my wishlist already along with the diamond cuffed bracelet.

 Label Clothing had a very casual feel to the collection with it's constant use of jersey and other stretchy fabrics that we wish we could live in forever. The collection had a very futuristic feel to it with the bright orange eye shadow, two toned lips, and high twisty pontytails.

*images by Rtai


  1. Stunning! Im loving the leather mixed in.

  2. Chloe comme Paris always puts out great collections. I love the way thy mix leather intotheir collections. Very interesting pieces!