Monday, October 1, 2012

Covergirl Outlast Stay Brilliant Review


In early September CoverGirl tweeted about a new line of nail polishes that were coming out in November. I was pretty excited because a) CG hardly comes out with new polishes b) this one was a 3 in 1 formula (meaning no base coat or top coat is required).

A very lovely friend gifted me with one of these polishes in Forever Festive a week ago and was overall thoroughly impressed with it.  The formula was consistent and was almost opaque after 1 coat. Drying time was pretty quick (I only gave it about 1 min between the first and second coat.  This could be because of the metallic sheen it had to it. I find that metallic polishes or anything with a bit of sheen or microglitter dry a lot faster than solid colors. (It will be interesting to see if the other non metallic polishes dry just as fast).  

The polish did have a nice top coat finish to it and stayed relatively shiny during the 4 days I had it on.  I can't say that it was as shiny as my go to Seche vite but it was pretty darn good.  That being said the polish didn't perform like it had a top coat. Because I use my nails/fingers a lot of typing, peeling/grabbing things, it is only normal for a polish to wear off quickly at the edges.  My usual top coat not only provides shine but an extra layer of protection which in this case was lacking a bit.  Nonetheless I'm excited to see what other colors they come up with!


after 4 days


  1. Thats a pretty nail colour!


  2. Nice nail color! It looks sexy and pretty!

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!