Friday, October 5, 2012

Breast Cancer Awareness Month- Nail art

I've never had a close family member that had been diagnosed with cancer, so I can't exactly say that I've experienced pain first hand.  However, I do feel the pain, the fear, the uncertainty of countless friends who have gone through the journey of supporting someone they love battle cancer.  The situation is unfortunate and unavoidable.  All we can really do is face it head on and give it the facial equivalent of the middle finger among other important things like creating awareness and staying up to date with some factoids from CBCF Ontario site!

I hope you guys enjoy this nail design. I tried to keep it simple, clean, and very pink!

You will need
  • scotch tape
  • base color ( I used Good Morning Hope by Essie from their Breast Cancer Awareness collection)
  • tip color (I used Sweet Heart by O.P.I)
  • Nail art polish (Mine was from Daiso a japanese $2 store. If you can find a glitter nail art polish you can always use clear or something light, create the same outlines, then sprinkle fine glitter on top

1. Tape a piece of scotch tape diagonally on your nail. I prefer hat the thinner side is covering the natural nail tip. *make sure you press the edges of the tape into the side to ensure that polish does not creep under
2. Apply 2-3 coats and let dry

3. Remove tape
 4. Apply 2-3 coats of the Nail tip color

5. Create a line that sits between the two colors on all nails except the fourth one (or whichever other finger you choose) Have the line flick out as if you were doing a cat eye look
6. Add a second line that starts at the same point but ends a little higher creating a tiny V

7. To create the breast cancer symbol, draw an X on your nail
8. Connect the top by painting a half circle

Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian Readers and Happy Memorial day to the US!


  1. I haven't had any family members affected by breast cancer, but my dad died from lung cancer. Hopefully one day a cure will be found for all types of cancers.

    I do like how popular the Komen pink is. This year most of the public fountains had their water dyed pink in my town.

  2. Very nice! It's great that you care about supporting such women!
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  3. That looks amazing! Perfect for October :)

  4. So beautiful,bravo honey!;)

  5. So nice. :)

    Thank you for your lovely comment.

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  6. What a brilliant idea to celebrate this important issue. thanks for your comment.


  7. Very pretty and thoughtful nails!

  8. very pretty this is a nice post! your blog is great! Maybe we follow each other!? let me know :) greetings

  9. Hi :)
    The end up really cool and is such a good idea.


  10. Super cute! & loving your blog~~~



  11. So pretty, good job!


  12. This looks so professional!!! Love it, thanks for sharing!! :)


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  14. Oh, precious, such a cute pink color!
    I've unfortunately known cancer from way to upclose but thank God we all got through. This cause lies very close to my hart!


  15. You did such a great job! Love the design <3 xox

  16. loove the design! It's really elegant and pretty :) Def gonna try this when I have time!