Tuesday, September 4, 2012

NfuOh 39

So it's officially the first day of school, but thanks to my nifty school schedule, I get Tuesdays and Fridays off this semester. There haven't been many (as in there there was a whopping 3) posts last month mainly because the BFF had been away on a trip. This blog really is a two woman job. 

I have spent my time wisely by watching back to back episodes of White Collar. I didn't know much about the show or Matt Bomer but he is so beautiful it hurts. Sometimes when there's a close up of him I have to pause the video on my computer and look away. 

Anyways! Enough about my undying love for a gay boy... Here's another polish I picked up when I ordered my other nfuOh online!


  1. This is gorgeous! I'll have to revisit the beauty of a flakie over black/navy. It's always a look that receives so many compliments.

  2. Wow, I love this metallic speckled/flakie look!

  3. Cool Polish! I'm in the process of letting my nails breathe for a few days before I shift into full fall manicure mode. haha

  4. Yup, gay's are always prettier :D Need outfit posts!!!! :D

  5. Replies
    1. Hi Julie, There are many sites that sell them online. I got mine on a site called Fabulous Street! http://www.fabuloustreet.com/