Wednesday, July 25, 2012


On location at a photoshoot- Bree catching a butterfly

My mum and I on a ferry to centre Island

My new furry friend

My fav cold tea Tropicalia

Macaroons from Bobette and Belle

Rainbow fish egg nails

Domo just saw a man with a hairy back on the beach.

Big orgy at Milestone

Recently Purchased jeans...

High Tea at the Windsor Arms Hotel!


  1. great nails, I love this view and I would love to try macaroons :-)

  2. Phahahahaha, hairy back guys are not that big of a deal, not like people "mingling" in the sea XD

  3. The last picture does look yummi!

  4. Very Jealous of all the things you EAT! Plus your wrist tattoo is totally cute. Why did you get that? I'm always so interested in why people get the tattoos they get! :)

  5. Great instagram snapshots! I have yet to try macarons from Bobbette and Belle, but I really want to! Have you tried Nadège? It's one of my new favourite places for macarons!

  6. Great photos! LOve the one of the butterfly!