Friday, June 8, 2012

Pawn Shop Blues

I’ve been a fan of Jacob since I was young, I would raid the Jacob Jr. section while my mother shopped at Jacob.  I really like Jacob as a brand not just because of the timeless pieces they have but the company beliefs such as using images of models in their campaigns that have not been retouched.  And when they chose to use Coco Rocha, (one of my favourite models from my hometown Richmond in their campaign last year), I was over the moon.

I placed an order for a pinstripe sleeveless blouse and gingham dress online a couple weeks ago and received it approximately 5 business days later. Ordering and checkout was an absolute breeze.  Their sizing charts were accurate and their stock seemed quite good even though many of the items were on sale. I also really liked how user friendly it was with a description, material, care instruction, and delivery and return info  section on every product.

Blouse- Jacob // Pants- Cheap Monday // Shoes- Jessica Simmpson // Belt- Dex

Dress- Jacob // Shoes- Jessica Simpson

After this photoshoot (shot by Paul and Roderick at Fotowok at the Shangri-La) I have realized that I 
a) Love putting my hands in my pockets. Seriously, every shot  I've seen  had my hands in my pockets. It's like that one time where accidentally spilled crazy glue...
b) I am attracted to patterns that make my eyes hurt if I stare too long

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. I love Jacob too though its been awhile since I last shopped there!

    Love the gingham dress! You're so pretty!

    Great blog and amazing photos!


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  2. Great finds! You have the best taste in shoes too! haha

  3. Hahhaah, I too always put my hands in pockets, but boyfriend doesn't let me XD
    Both things are really cute and original, the top is wonderful with the little bow, and the dress is magnificent!

  4. Cute outfits! Jacob is great! Really timeless stuff and great prices!

  5. Very cute outfits! I've never hear of the Jacob clothing brand before, but I'll have to check them out because their clothes seem to be very cute, and still well made (quality is always a big issue with me).

  6. Love the whole outfit! The view looks great as well!

  7. Never heard of Jacob, I guess we don't have them in America

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  9. You have amazing photos! I love all your outfits.
    I'm now following your blog and would love if you could follow back.

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  10. Lia I love these trousers. The blouse and tie are perfect with it! I'm a new fan of yours, can't wait for more looks from you!


  11. AMAZING pants & blouse! You are so lovely!!!!!
    I would love for you to visit my blog sometime!!

  12. Cool! You can carry the androgynous outfit pretty well! ヅ

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    Thanks! ヅ

  13. these photos are great :) love how you worked both looks well, one looks so sweet and the other one looks like a power woman. thumbs up :) would you like to follow each other on GFC? i've followed you already :) xx

  14. Well, after seeing this adorable blouse, I might have to go to their website! ^_^ I have to agree with you, I've always like the Jacob brand, their clothes always seemed well made. (I didn't know that about their models, that is really cool to see a brand doing that!) This blouse is just too cute for words, I love the black tie at the neck and ahhh, I am swooning over those fantastic pants of yours! (And I must mention that the dress nlooks rather lovely on you as well, such a cute pattern.)

  15. perfect style baby))

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  16. I love it! Nice photos!
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  17. Such great photos! Really like your style,
    so elegant! I'm a follower :)


  18. Cute pics :)

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  19. beautiful look and a beautiful view from your window!


  20. nice <3 wanna follow each other? lemme know :)

    sweet and sugars,

  21. u look so cute! and omg i love Cocco Rocha too =)

  22. you look stunning! we are so much in love with your dress!


  23. Love your first look especially the shoes! Gorgeous <3

    Followed you :)

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  24. Haha..Theses pictures are amazing, I love patterns too! Nice blog I am a new follower. Are you into makeup as well? If so,have you heard of IMATS? you can reply here or shoot me an email on my blog :) - Hope you can stop by

  25. Gorgeous photos! Love the sleeveless blouse that you purchased - you can pretty much incorporate it into a business casual or dressy attire.

    I recognize the names of the two photographers - aren't they from vancouver??

  26. I love your dress!!
    You're really pretty on this post :)

  27. I think those shoes are amazing!