Friday, April 27, 2012

I'm Bach

So after an embarrassing 3 posts this month, I'm officially back in the blogging world again. This month has been absolutely crazy with school work (I sewed for 18 hours straight one day and totally felt like a sweatshop worker), last minute trips to New York, and exams. 

Here is my 11 hour bus outfit that I wore to New York and back.  It's always good to dress in layers so can use your extra clothes to cushion your back or neck since Greyhound only makes seats for people over 5"7. It also comes in handy when your neighbor won't stop talking. You can use to strangle them.... or to cover your ears. 

Oxford shirt- Talula (thrifted) // Scarf-Everything by Little Burgundy // Belt- Dex// Leggings- Little Burgundy, Flats- Urban Outfitters // Ring- Banana Republic // Bag- Tommy Hilfiger


  1. Your comment about the greyhound buses is so true, they are very uncomfortable!! I love your nail polish and your scarf c:

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  2. Cute scarf. There's a similar anchor print one available at J.Crew but yours is cuter!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Just subscribed to your blog (I'm not good at make up at all so I'm sure I'll learn something helpful). :)

  3. I remotely recall how uncomfortable Greyhound bus seats are. I usually put my purse behind my back.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. New follower of you. Drop by again!

  4. You look super cute! Love all the layers! :)) thanks for the sweet comment on my blog!


  5. Great blog! Absolutely charming you are! Waiting for you!

  6. Such a cute outfit!
    It's my first time on your blog and i must come back =D

  7. Great outfit! you look lovely sweety!

  8. What an adorable scarf! This is totally an outfit I would wear. =P

  9. Hahhaha, like the strangling idea :D

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