Friday, April 27, 2012

I'm Bach

So after an embarrassing 3 posts this month, I'm officially back in the blogging world again. This month has been absolutely crazy with school work (I sewed for 18 hours straight one day and totally felt like a sweatshop worker), last minute trips to New York, and exams. 

Here is my 11 hour bus outfit that I wore to New York and back.  It's always good to dress in layers so can use your extra clothes to cushion your back or neck since Greyhound only makes seats for people over 5"7. It also comes in handy when your neighbor won't stop talking. You can use to strangle them.... or to cover your ears. 

Oxford shirt- Talula (thrifted) // Scarf-Everything by Little Burgundy // Belt- Dex// Leggings- Little Burgundy, Flats- Urban Outfitters // Ring- Banana Republic // Bag- Tommy Hilfiger

Thursday, April 19, 2012

12 Hours- NYC

The weather in New York yesterday was so gorgeous and windy which meant full blown allergies to plant sperm. Yeah all you people who are allergic to pollen, now you know... they just trying to get jiggy but unfortunately ended up in your eye. This is a lose lose situation for both parties involved.

The bus ride back so painful as I had this guy who was like 6 "3 and had huge guns sitting next to me. I was literally working on my laptop in an upright fetal position.  When people look for a seat on the bus, I swear they automatically look for the smallest least intimating female to sit next to. In most cases that would be me. I totally should have reclaimed my territory by flexing my oiled arms resulting in muscles busting right through my shirt.

Monday, April 9, 2012

China Glaze: Hunger Games

It's been well over a month since the China Glaze Hunger Games collection has been released. I've just tested out some of the polishes and have yet to watch the movie or read the books.This would seem totally reasonable when I tell you I barely have time to wash my hair. Anyways...moving on to the goods.

Smoke and Ashes was so gorgeous that I had to include two pictures. It looks like a dark black/green polish with tiny green micro glitters that are so inconspicuous in regular lighting but oh so amazing in the sun.

Riveting. Man was I on the fence about purchasing this one. I NEVER wear bright pink, or any red polishes unless its so dark it almost looks black. I'm not sure when this was instilled into my mind but every time I don bright red/pink polish or lipstick, I envision myself as a baby prostitute. Go figure. Anyways, Riveting was more of a red orange color with micro glitter, which is probably why I am able to roll with it. (Glitter makes everything better).

Fast Track a putty beige with flakes of silver micro glitter is the perfect neutral polish.  A little on the sheer side but nothing that 3-4 coats can't cover. It also reminds me a bit of Nite Owl by Orly, though don't hold me to it as I have a memory of a goldfish. 

Harvest Moon looked a bit normal in the bottle but it blew me away after I applied it.  Like the other polishes, Harvest Moon has it's fair share of micro glitter in it.  On top of that, there is some weird foil flake texture thing going on. (That description is as good as it gets as I'm saving my words for a paper that has yet to be started.)

Stone Cold was so unexpected because it was the only matte polish in the collection.  This is first matte polish I've ever purchased because of all the terrible staying power they are known to have. Low and behold I was right. The polish chipped after 2 hours of application (In it's defense, I was typing for the two hours) and I removed it only have 1.5 days. Overall, pretty color but terrible staying power, stains like a bitch when removing. 

If you guys have any tips on how to apply mattes please let me know! It's too pretty to go to waste!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Animal shoes?!

I'm always on the lookout for new trends, so when I came across these animal shoes, I knew that these were going to be THE shoes of the year. You're welcome. One may think that these shoes are impractical but there are many* instances where you would need animal shoes.
  1. You are robbing a bank and fleeing by foot. Simultaneously you let loose your desired animal to create a diversion. (However, remember to take off your shoes halfway through your ingenious getaway or else tomorrow's headline will say "Pigs Rob Bank, Then Visits Local McDonalds")
  2.  You're one of those people who gives their dogs diamond collars, trips to the salon every week and leaves your estate to them. In an attempt to make them feel less lonely you dress up as an animal.
Image via Toxel

Image via Toxel

Image via Toxel

*and by many, I meant 2 totally logical reasons