Friday, March 16, 2012

Toronto Fashion Week Fall 2012- Day 4

Today was a bummer as I missed Ashtiani by Golnaz Ashtiani, and Triarchy due to class. However the shows I did attend were pretty amazing. Last post I did a cliffsnote version for each designer well today its going to be a 1-2 sentence an annotated summary as I must reserve my finger muscles for an unwritten paper due tomorrow. 

Caitlin Power showcased a menswear and womenswear line that had a lot of architectural shapes in the designs. I loved how both the male and female models rocked the silver triangular cuff collar necklace! 

Rudsak, another menswear and womeswear collection had a lot of ready to wear pieces filled with puffy fur trimmed jackets as well as tailored jacekts. I did enjoy the half leather half wool men's jackets and the cable cord knit lining inside the hoods.

Ezra Constantine by Kirk Pickersgill and Steven Wong had a little S&M theme going on for their ready to wear menswear collection. And by little, I mean one model was holding a whip.

Pink Tartan is always a fun to watch as I often pass by their clothes in The Bay. It was a very typical Pink Tartan show with tailored business pieces with a couple of feathered pieces and fur jackets. One thing I did hate were the furry boots/leg warmers. It just reminded me of gogo dancers...or Snooki.


David Dixon had a dramatic Albert Hitchcock bird themed show starting off with a film, and adding crazy sound effects in between two mini collections that sounded like you were being attacked by birds and eaten alive. Many of these photos are closeups as I adored the accessories, and the different types of fabrics he used!


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    Oh I love Rudsak's outfits, so cool

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  2. love the collections the shoes are pretty cool with the details

  3. David Dixon is also one of 26 Canadian designers participating in tonight's "The Dare to Wear Love" show and it should be an amazing one. Each designer was given six yards of African fabric for their design and they could use as much or as little as they wanted in the garment. Their great initiative to tie in fashion with a great charitable cause that raises money and awareness of a crisis affecting millions in Africa is an amazing one. We featured the Dare to Wear Love event on our blog: Stop by and have a read when you get a chance!

  4. so perfect!!

  5. Gorgeous collections!

  6. lovely photos!

  7. Love your photos!! Glad i found your blog!

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