Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Toronto Fashion Week Fall 2012- Day 2

Today was definitely a jam packed day. I decided to station myself in the media pit for better pictures. Sadly this resulted in a sleepy legs, back pain, and knee cracking every time I stood up or sat down. Physically I am about 80 years old, no joke. 

The day started with Adrian Wu, a young designer with a great vision. It was a very theatrical show with lots of impressive draping and pleating going on.

 Laura Siegel had this boho chic thing going on. Jersey harem pants, tie dye fabrics with a bit of a tribal feel to them, and cozy knits with holes and rips? Sign me up. For me, this is the most wearable collection as it is designed for students who live at school

Seriously, the world would be a much better place if students stopped wearing Uggs and sweatpants and started wearing Laura Siegel.

The  Sid Neigum collection had a mixture of menswear and womenswear. I chose these two pictures because they were the two best looking male models  of the combination of layers and lengths. Seriously? who wears legging like  pants, a tunic with a slit, cropped top, and then a jacket on top? If the Man Repeller had a brother, it would be him.

Chloe Comme Parris was a pretty impressive collection. The crisscross tuxedo blazer collar is absolutely genius, as was the batwing cape on the jacekts and sweaters.

 Martin Lim

 Soia & Kyo

Lundstrom Collection

After watching the Lucian Matis show lat night, I was curious as to how Matis by Lucian Matis would compare. I can definitely see elements from last night's show brought over to tonight's show. As feminine and classy his garments are, Matis never forgets to add a little quirkiness to his collections. Last night it was bunny ears, tonight it was collared necklaces. Let's not forget the nails!


  1. bag - the second last picture! perfect!

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  4. Just wonderful! Oh those pictures are beautiful! Sooo jealous! =)

  5. amazing collections! my faves are definitely Laura Siegel & Chloe Comme Paris. :D

  6. re: Sid Neigum, "who wears leggings like pants ..."?
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