Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Toronto Fashion Week Fall 2012- Day 1

Mastercard is the new sponsor of Toronto Fashion Week. It is now officially called World Mastercard Fashion Week or WMFW....It's got a nice ring to it eh? Let's just call it Toronto Fashion Week.

Day 1 started off with Lucian Matis at an offsite location. It was held at The Royal York Hotel which was absolutely gorgeous. The collection was cohesive and the attention to detail was phenomenal, as it is year after year. From the 3 braids in each of the model's hair which were then pulled into a hidden low ponytail, to the moon tipped nails.  The fabrics were absolutely luxurious. Each garment was either made from a sheer material, lace, feathers (they had a beautiful duo-chrome color to them), or tulle. 

 The first on site show was Korhani Home. I didn't know much about this company except that it sold rugs. So what was doing at a fashion show? To be honest I was going to skip this show and grab some food. Boy was a glad I stayed.  If you don't jump up and down with the thought of rugs, you should at least be impressed with what they were able to do with them. The heavy material allowed the rugs to create a structural form on its own, something that most fabrics cannot do.  And if you still don't give a rats ass about about rugs or models wearing rugs, you should at least care about little baby pigs. Yeah that's right, models came down the runway wearing rugs and holding pigs.

I clearly don't have a soul as I'm eating a bacon angus cheeseburger  while simultaneously writing this post. Judge me all you want, but don't deny the savoury goodness of bacon.

Holt Renfrew Presents: Dennis Merotto, Jeremy Laing, Judith & Charles, Lida Baday, Line, Mackage, Smythe, Twenty Cluny

Left: Lida Baday Right: Mackage

Left: Dennis Merotto Right: Line

Left and Right: Jeremy Laing

Pavoni was last show of the evening. As you can tell I've migrated more towards the media pit as I was sick of seeing heads, phones, and hands in my photos. I loved the color scheme of this collection and was pleasantly surprised by the variety of different gowns that they were able to produce. The different cuts and design details such as lace, beading, draping, and pleating really kept the collection interesting.

Which are some of your favourite designs?
Come back tomorrow for Day 2!


  1. wow! that's so GORGEOUS!! your blog is amazing!!
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  2. lovely pictures, I really like the venue!! and haha I love bacon angus cheeseburger, I guess I also have no soul lol i mean what are we suppose to always be eating filet mignon and drinking fancy tea with pinky outwards while blogging?!

  3. Awesome pictures :) thanks for sharing!

    Nice blog! New follower :)


  4. Oh wow, Toronto is much more avant garde that I had expected! Was that a real live little piglet that the male model was holding?!?
    My favorites dress has to be the third to last red one. That back and the draping of the train - to DIE for!

    :) Ewa


  5. the Lucian Matis dresses are super GORGEOUS!!


  6. Re: Sid Neigum, "who wears leggings ..."?
    --> http://www.thesartorialist.com/photos/on-the-street-the-shape-of-modern-menswear/ <--