Sunday, February 19, 2012

Ottawa Fashion Week F/W 2012: Day 2

Demoyo by Chideya Paidemoyo

Jana Hanzel and Emilia Torabi

Elizbourk- Eliza Bourque

Rachel Sin

I've been a fan of Rachel Sin's work every since I saw her collection at FAT last year.  I find that Rachel does an amazing job at creating very structural pieces while maintaining a sense of femininity.  My favourite garment had to be the 2 piece look that had side panels of sheer lace on the skirt, upper bodice, and half of the back because it's super sexy without being trashy. Overall the execution of the collection was spectacular and the looks were very well styled!

 Images belong to Amber H.

Turbine- Lisa Drader-Murphy

Turvine was all sorts of amazing/interesting because
1. Fortune Cookie like purses look edible
2. Metallic quilted fabric didn't really fit the collection but was an interesting choice
3. Crop tops- Elle Canada says no , but I say bring it on.



  1. Amazing post, love all the styles!!

  2. Wow!! I never thought that it would be so beautiful! Nice items!! I love it!

  3. So so much love for Canadian talent! Thank you for sharing this with the world. Lone Wolf Magazine approves!

  4. Full of style. Love it.

  5. Love these collection!! Great post!

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