Wednesday, February 29, 2012

DIY: Half Moon Matte

Ring Reinforcers, Gosh in matte effect top coat, Silver, and Nero 

Sunday, February 26, 2012


Last weekend I attended Ottawa Fashion week for the first time.  It required skipping 1 day of class which is pretty much me living life on the edge.

It was a hectic weekend, so much that these pictures were taken in a hair salon as I was helping out at a photoshoot. Yeah I was THAT busy. Attending shows, editing pictures, shopping, and stuffing my face with beaver tail is exhausting.

Blouse-F21//Skirt-Urban Outfitters//Shoes-Who What See// Bag-Top Shop//Scrabble Ring-Ebay//Love Wire Ring- handmade by my friends mom!

*images by Amber H.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Jason Wu for Target- Pop Up Shop

When we arrived 10:30 AM (it started at 12), there was already already a long line formed. The wait wasn't too bad since hot chocolate was served.  They did an amazing job creating a fake layer of building on top of the original to give it a little more sass. The visual merchandising and interior was very well done for a one day event!

We were limited to 3 items per person (thanks to all the hoarders in the states. Way to ruin it for the rest of us) but thanks to the lovely friends I went with, I managed to snag 5 items. The prices were significantly cheaper than the states (scarves $10, blouses and skirts $20, jackets and dresses $35), I'm guessing it was because 100% of the proceeds are going to United Way Toronto. 

 I didn't get this dress because of the lack of sizes but it was so cute!

 My lifelong dream of becoming a cat lady is now complete thanks to this cat scarf.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ottawa Fashion Week: Outtakes

Aside from just bringing 1 Jeffrey Campbell lita to Ottawa and losing my shit because I thought I left it on the bus, this past weekend was amazing. I've met so many wonderful people and had a lot of fun crashing at my friend Amber's place. Unfortunately, it's time to get back to reality and 'read' (aka catch up on gossip girl, vampire diaries, nikita, and the 10000 other shows I watch) during reading week.

Model for Ella Peru                   

Left: Hair for Sukhoo Sukhoo Right: Hair for Y!D.N.A


Left: Justyna from Chameleonic wearing a super sick harness Right: Me and Amber(and yes I rocked the baby prostitute red lips all weekend)

Me and Julie from Pop Champagne

Monday, February 20, 2012

Ottawa Fashion Week F/W 2012: Day 3 + Unicef Charity Show

Loft 604- Willie Fung

Loft 604 had some really interesting cable knit designs including the diamond pattern shown below.  Elbow patches aren't exactly my cup of tea but there were a few sweaters with a different cable knit pattern at the elbow creating a more subtle elbow patch.

Ella Peru- Su-Hui Chu

Pretty, feminine, drapey fabrics, muted colors. I pretty much described my wardrobe. The collars were flattering and the color coordination was so lovely!


Sukhoo Sukhoo

Trey Armstrong in DeMOYO
Elizabeth Manley in DeMOYO

Gabrielle Miller in Rachel Sin
Cory Lee in Rachel Sin

solange tuyishime in DeMOYO
Cory Lee with her new single Fashion Show

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Ottawa Fashion Week F/W 2012: Day 2

Demoyo by Chideya Paidemoyo

Jana Hanzel and Emilia Torabi

Elizbourk- Eliza Bourque

Rachel Sin

I've been a fan of Rachel Sin's work every since I saw her collection at FAT last year.  I find that Rachel does an amazing job at creating very structural pieces while maintaining a sense of femininity.  My favourite garment had to be the 2 piece look that had side panels of sheer lace on the skirt, upper bodice, and half of the back because it's super sexy without being trashy. Overall the execution of the collection was spectacular and the looks were very well styled!

 Images belong to Amber H.

Turbine- Lisa Drader-Murphy

Turvine was all sorts of amazing/interesting because
1. Fortune Cookie like purses look edible
2. Metallic quilted fabric didn't really fit the collection but was an interesting choice
3. Crop tops- Elle Canada says no , but I say bring it on.