Thursday, October 6, 2011

RIP- Sneeky

A couple days ago, I inserted Sneeky the usb into my computer and was greeted by this lovely message. Yes it is true, Sneeky has passed away. Lets take a minute to remember the good times.

sneeky in action
Sneeky had lived an amazing life even though it was cut short. He was responsible, caring, and most of all sneaky.  Sneeky was exactly the type of usb everyone wanted, I could really count on him with my all my important school work and cute pictures of kittens.

I remember the day we met, it was cloudy with a slight drizzle (could that have been a sign that we were never meant to be?).  When I met Sneeky, I knew right then and there, that something beautiful was going to come of this.  The connection we had was magical, and the days that he was not by my side made me miserable. 

All the memories I shared with him will be cherished forever.I’ll never forget Sneeky and the joy he has brought me. However, I must summon up the courage to move on to another. I know that is what Sneeky would have wanted.

So… without further a due cue the cute usbs! 

padlock usb

usb ring

how sick is this cable usb??

Canon camera usb: this is probably one of the cutest usbs I've seen in a while. I so desperately want to take a picture with it next to my slr.

Sushi USB!!!

nail usb: This is probably THE usb to go on my hit list.

The Bacon Usb: this thing is so disgusting that it's amazing.


  1. Mmm, I love the food ones especially the sushi usb! Cute.

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    omg,those are such cute and creative USB drives! The bacon one is hilarious!

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  4. love!

  5. R.I.P Sneeky......but the bacon one looks delicious!

  6. that bacon one is quite funny:)

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