Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Screen Printing at Peach Berserk

Last night was the first annual aPRINTaganz for college students at Peach Beserk. I was really impressed that this event was super organized and well planned! We got to draw our own graphics and screen print them on a piece of fabric and take it home. Most importantly the owner and designer Kingi Carpenter gave us invaluable insight regarding making it in the industry which was so inspirational!


My other half from highschool, Mel. Check out her amazing things and stuff here
Of course I had to screenprint awkward turtle!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

LGFW Spring 2012: Bacon Bits

the super sweet stacey mckenzie looking oh so fab

Me and the lovely singer/actress Cory Lee wearing Cydelic by Choryin
Naanafya of Garde del Avante wearing one of her super sick creations.
Me and the always so lovely blogger Erica Wark
Bobby Raffin!!! * side note* I was super nervous talking to Bobby that I instantaneously transformed into an awkward turtle.
Melissa Hwang
Sabrina Maddeaux from Faze Media

I have now succumbed to this whole twitter thing (yeah yeah I know, I'm 5 years late, what can I say? Story of my life)

If any of you (god knows for what reason) wants to stalk me, I will provide you with uesless comments and awkward moments.

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Saturday, October 22, 2011

LGFW Spring 2012- Anu Raina, Micala, Baby Steinberg

Having a day off with no classes is really convenient. Especially when it comes to attending events like LGFW. Sure, it would be even better if I didn't have school at ALL though I have a feeling when I start working I'll be wishing that I was studying again. 

It really is bittersweet as the last day of fashion week comes to an end. I had the pleasure of attending Anu Raina, Micalla, and Baby Steinberg, which were all phenomenal shows.

Anu Raina
Flowy fabrics, yet structured, bright pops of color, feminine prints, what is there not to like? The Anu Raina collection was probably my favourite in regards to wearabiity. The pieces are so romantic but always contrasted with something hard like a collar or fitted blazer.


Baby Steinberg

Having seen Baby Steinberg's work previously at Rock The Runway
This show really still unique for many reasons...
1. All the materials used to make the garments were are recyled scraps of fabric
2. Music was provided live by a man singing and playing the acordian?!?
3. After the finale, models stood on platforms and the audience was invited to come take a close look.

Sure...most of the pieces arn't exactly for everyday wear but the SWEATERS look soo comfy. I must get my hands on one of those...

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

LG Fashion Week Spring 2012- Lovas & Attitude by Jay Manuel

Like clockwork, every LG fashion week falls on midterm/hell week.  It never helps that the show is inconveniently located at Exhibition Place. However this year, LG fashion week was moved to David Pecaut Square which I find is a refreshing change. Though the venue is a little smaller, it gave a more frenzied vibe then Exhibition place.

The first show I attended was Lovas by Wesley Bedanjak. Because the Lovas show and Attitude by Jay Manuel show were back to back, I situated myself on the balcony so I could run (as fast as my 5" boots could take me) to the next show, hence all on-an-angle blurry pictures.

The Lovas collection had a tribal theme going which I thought could have turned out quite disastrous if the hadn't been done right. The feather head pieces were always smartly paired with a dress that was simple with clean lines whereas the printed dresses shied away from crazy head pieces. My favourite dress had to be the black strapless dress with corset like pleating in the front. Wesley managed to create a dress that had so much attitude and roughness with such beautiful flowy materials.

Attitude by Jay Manuel is always a fun show to watch because all the pieces are affordable.  I could practically see everyone making a mental list of what pieces they are buying as each look goes down the runway. 

This show was brilliantly styled, from the hair and makeup to the accessories (which I LOVED)There was literally a bit of everything in this collection, tribal prints, color blocking, tie dye... business looks, beach wear, loungewear. I think this is why Attitude will continue to be successful as they are able to market towards a large demographic in one collection.


 Which look is your favourite?