Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Montreal: Jean Paul Gaultier

A couple of weeks ago I was in Montreal. I visited the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition at The Montreal Museum of Fine arts.  The museum opened at 11 but there was a line up going on by 10:30 AM. It's amazing to see that not only fashion enthusiasts were present but folks who didn't appear to have that much background in fashion were there as well. 

I was blown away by the magnitude of this exhibition. The props, lighting, sound, and creativity of the whole show was amazing. Most of the mannequins had a projector shining on their faces allowing them to have different expressions. Let me tell you, it was the weirdest thing to have a mannequin sing to me.


Gaultier's childhood obsession with cone bras. How ballin is that?

Stage Costume designed for Mylene Farmer for her No 5 Tour.

One of the few outfits that I would wear out on a daily basis. How awesome is that jacket??

Any one else thinking Jeffrey Campbell tick wedges?

Taffeta evening gown with "leopard skin"bead embroidery.
Russia Collection Haute Couture Fall Winter 1997-1998
1060 hours to create


  1. hi there thanks for dropping by on mine yarr ^^ Woww..what a collection here..haha but i probably wont wear it especially the dress w the ti*s..aigoo i guess lady gaga will love it, right?! =))

  2. Now I know how ppl felt when they couldn't go to the McQueen exhibit in NY, exactly how I'm feeling about not being able to see this exhibit in person! >.< lol Truly avant garde and creative, loves it!

  3. If we take a serious look into his latest creations, it's obvious that his artistic talent has been underrated by the critics.

    He is like the french equivalent to McQueen, but the main difference is that does not take fashion seriously, he laughs about it and tries to turn his catwalk into a theater.

    As a consequence, his perspective on the industry has its ups and downs: for instance, his clothes are fun, risky and sometimes even extremelly sexy, but who can afford spending thousands of € / $ in a gagaesque dress?

    To my mind, his best work is definately in the couture week, where his skills and creativity truly shine.

    I'm glad you made it to the exhibition, Lia :)
    Thanks for the pictures!

  4. Wow, what an amazing talent! Thank you for this wonderful post, love! I absolutely love your blog and now following! Maybe you'll have time to visit my blog:)


  5. Looks like a great exhibition! My favourite is that amazing mother of pearl bodice!

    -Laura xox

  6. This is just absolutely incredible. I'm so glad that I got to see this through your blog! I LOVE those shoes. You're right - very jeffrey campbell-esque. Love your blog and it's content. Thanks for sharing! I'm following for sure.


  7. these photos are amazing!! i really wanna go there and see for myself :)

  8. These pieces are amazing. I can't even wrap my brain around a favorite.

  9. rad? fabulous? out of the box? all of the above.

  10. Awesome post :)
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  11. Wow amazing, it's wonderful that you are able to share this on your blog so others that are not able to go can see it!!

    thank you very much for sharing.



  12. Beautiful photos and post! :)


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    Amazing photos and designs, these are really original.


  15. Loveee this post!
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  16. amazing photos!!! these ensembles all look stunning!!