Sunday, September 18, 2011

Concrete Jungle Where Dreams are Made

 One of the things I love about New York is how each part of the city feels so different. Each area feels like I'm entering a whole other world. I was lucky enough to visit the city again last weekend as I was asked to help out with the Jeremy Laing show during New York Fashion Week. Here are just a couple of pictures from that weekend.

 Best place on earth.

This pigeon should get a guest role in Pirate of the Caribbean for losing a foot. what a trooper

Personally I would never eat at a place called dimsum sushi palace. Sounds like all sorts of danger.
Lovin the murse


  1. New York is amazing. I hope someday I will have a trip to that city.

  2. ah my favorite city in the world! cannot live without the city! don't know why but it is the truth! looks like you had an amazing time and i love your pics! not so much as typical nyc pics but that is perfect

  3. I've never been, but I'm very Jealous. It looks amazing.
    I love Nerds, they aren't sold in many shops in England so you have to hunt a bit before you can get your hands on them.
    From today I am saving for a trip to NYC!! Inspired... xx

  4. Hey !
    NYC is the best city ever !
    Love the pics


  5. your nails are absolutely lush!

  6. Such beautiful photos of the city, cute nails. When it comes to places to eat in NYC I feel like I'm taking a chance with ever where I eat, but that's how you discover the good bad and the ugly.

    Liz Lizo

  7. haha that big elmo is so cooL!! great photos you have here :)

  8. Great photos!! Lovin the Murse too :)