Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday Musings

I'm still getting back into the swing of things by blogging more regularly. This upcoming week is probably the first week all summer where I don't have everything planned to the T. As I mentally prepare to be un-busy, a few random thoughts have crossed my mind.

1. Why do escalator hand rails move faster then the stairs themselves? Multiple times I have reached the top of the escalator with my butt sticking out and hand 2 feet in front of me. Perhaps this is a male invention.

2. Why do autoflush toilets flush before you are done/get up?

3. Why do stores think a sale means marking down an item that is regularly $599.99 to $595.99?


  1. 1. i never noticed this about escalators. i'm a little too germaphobe to touch them.

    2. i've always wondered/gotten annoyed about this. i always end up stupidly waving my hand in front of the censor a few times before i think fuck it. and use my foot to press the flush button.

  2. As for number 2, I completely relate! The building I work in has automatic flushing and I can't stand them, messes up your whole bathroom experience! Haha. Nice blog!

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  5. the autoflush toilets in my office building always do that..... and always splash water! the worst.....


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  7. hahaha- the toilet thing is one of my biggest pet peeves. i hate getting splashed in the ass by those freaking things while i'm still hovering and attempting to pee.