Thursday, July 28, 2011

Safety Plane

I have to say this ensemble isn't one of my favorite outfits. Just something comfortable that I threw on since I was at the beach styling for about 7 hours. However that safety pin shirt from H&M is my new goto top. Super cute and comfortable (except when it gets all static-y and sticks to me.

H&M Safety Pin top, AE high waisted jeans, Aldo boots, thrifted airplane necklace, nails Your Hut or Mine by Essie


  1. wow i loveeee the shirt and the necklace! what a great thrift find

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  2. The pin top is so cute!! & the necklace! I have to admit from far the look seems very very simple nothing special, but from up close its just lovely!!

    I hope you can visit my blog :D ♥

  3. love the print on your top, it's so cute <3

    Journal J

  4. What a cute top! :) I really like the safety pins, even though they're so random!
    (PS. hoping to see what my workload is like tomorrow and then I'll reply to your text as to when I can meet up =))

  5. LOVE that top! cute necklace as well!

    XO Sahra

  6. love the post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and your necklace sososoosos cool