Friday, June 17, 2011

Serious Business: Vancouver Riot

I hardly do serious posts but this is something I can't ignore/address.

I'm sure many of you have heard about the riots/looting/violence that began after the Vancouver Canucks lost in the Stanley Cup Finals. I am proud to be from Vancouver because of how amazing the city is and how kind the people are. However the events that took place last night were horrific and disgusting (I was not there first hand to witness this, but judging from just the videos and pictures that I have seen). I am saddened to hear that there were many stabbings and injuries, and a historical building The Hudson Bay Company was vandalized. I do believe the riots would have taken place whether or not the Canucks won the Stanley Cup. There are certain people who riot just because they have the opportunity to release their pent up frustrations of being a failure in life. It's unbelievable that other countries riot to have the government listen to them and to fight for their freedom while in Vancouver there are riots "because of hockey".

The damage is done and this incident has gone international, however I am so proud and happy at the response of true Vancouverites who have decided to clean up the mess of people who should not breathe the same air as us. Thousands of people showed up as early as 7 am to sweep up glass, scrub walls, and even clean the garbage cans. Companies such as Got Junk sent their crew members down to help out. I really hope that this post shows that most Vancouver people arn't violent nutcases or bystanders that like to look cool posing in front of burning cop cars (Seriously, what are you a homosapien? Have you not seen fire before?) With that said, let's cue the happy music.

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  1. gahhhh! amen sistahhh! i like your comment about the homosapien not seeing fire ahhaha, too true! it almost made me cry how amazing it was, how much support there is, and how many people came out to help clean up! ive heard ridiculous stories of them breaking into chapters coming out with a handful of books --what exactly were they going to do with those!? hhahahha anyway, thanks for stopping by, and hope you were safe too! =)