Monday, June 27, 2011

Mango Snail Ring + Life without the WWW

My internet decided to have it's menopause last Friday which will go on for God knows how long. This has happened at an extremely inconvenient time because I...
a) Am unable to watch the newest episode of True Blood.
b) Am unable to waste my time watching cute kittens or horny turtles on Youtube

Anyways, on a much brighter note, I got this ring from Mango last week because it was half off. I thought it was super cute when I saw it but lately when I wear it, I just picture the snail part oozing out where my finger should be. Below is an approximate image of what I see in my head every time I wear this ring. (the expressions vary depending on how many compliments I get that day.)

*nails- Gosh in Silver + Konad plate m57


  1. i literally am about to apply the same exact sally hansen strips now. so funny.

  2. Lovely!

    You've got a cute blog, maybe you'd like to follow each other?


  3. I love the ring! It's so pretty!

  4. in germany we have a HUGE sale right now! i mean in all mango , zara and H&M stores and unfortunately i have no money right now because i bought a new MAC :D oh noooo :`(


    Btw I'm doing a GIVE-AWAY where you can win a neon yellow cambridge bag and a tanktop with a universal print!

    would be happy if you could join the give-away!



  5. Oh geez, you watch True Blood too??!

    I think we're a match made in heaven. OMG. Haha! :)