Sunday, June 5, 2011

Diana: The Life of a Royal Icon

From May 16- June 10, there is a special exhibition featuring 14 dresses from Princess Diana at the Design Exchange. Some of the dress designers include, Victor Edelstein, Bruce Oldfield, Zandra Rhodes and the Princess’ favourite Catherine Walker.

Burgundy velvet dress by Catherine Walker. When I first saw this dress, it didn't really catch my eye, but then I saw the low V cut and silk taffeta bow in the back and I fell in love with it. This dress was worn to the premiere of Back to The Future in 1985.

Mid Length evening dress by Zanda Rhodes. Another one of my favourites! This dress is so romantic and cute from the little glass beads to the hand rolled pleats. The draping is and hem line combined with the lightness of the fabric creates that romantic/fantasy feeling which I adore!

Nautical evening dress by Catherine Walker. This one shouldered dress is made from blue silk crepe and timmed with a gold braid.

Scottish dancing dress by Catherine Walker. Diana worse this dress to dance at Balmoral Scotland at the Guildhall to benefit The Royal Marsden Hospital Cancer Fund.

Sequined dinner dress by Catherine Walker. Sequins embroidered by Catherine Walker.

Ivory silk crepe dress by Catherine Walker.

Velvet halter dress by Catherine Walker. I love the assymetrical sequin detail and draping on the left side the the dress creating a more sophisticated look.

Ivory Silk crepe dress by Catherine Walker


  1. I love the ivory silk crepe dress and also the 3rd (i agree the v-cut and the bow make the simple dress so amazing!) and the 4th dress (so simple yet so refined and the details are so nice), the rest of them seem a bit "too much" for me :)
    nice post xoxo <3

  2. I definitely love the fist dress one since I come from Asia, Indonesia :) It reminds me about the modern kebaya in Indonesia!

  3. Those are stunning dresses
    great blog!

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  4. Great dresses!

  5. Wow, this is such a great post!! I like all of the dresses, especially the ''Nautical evening dress by Catherine Walker'' =D

  6. These are so gorgeous! Wish i could see for myself. I would love to take a few shots for keeps!

  7. wow all these dresses are breathtaking. thanks for sharing! =)