Saturday, June 4, 2011

Candy for the Eye

Colors/clothes/photography/hairstyles that have caught my eye in the latest June/July Nylon magazine.

Dip dye hair... I just don't know. I can't seem to put my finger on what's wrong with it. I mean, it looks kind of cool,and it seems fun for a weekend hairstyle. At the same time it's not something you can rock at a formal interview. Maybe it's bugging me because the ends seem forever dirty as I often get the dip dye for free when I don't tie my hair up while working on acrylic paintings.


  1. Nylon is so nice, different, I love it especially Nylon Mexico. I love the last two photos, her hair looks very exotic and all the color she is wearing, her skirt in the last photos is very nice. You are right, its like a fun hair to go to a party or a festival definitely not an interview or something formal.

    i hope you can visit my blog:)

  2. :O but i love ombre hair! don't be mad if i do it one day...

  3. I've done the dip dye look. One of the things that's great about is it's not as much of a commitment as doing your whole head or even highlights. The reason for that is because dyed hair gets the most damaged, but if it gets too dry or if you just get sick of the look you have the option of just cutting off a few inches and being done with the damaged hair. Plus it's not as distracting as when someone has technicolor hair at their roots.

  4. dip dye hair- the one do i'd do if i didn't have a corporate job. argh. it's so cool.
    per your comment- work what you've got woman! plenty of guys have actually told me they prefer girls with small chests. and plenty of guys love petite athletic girls! you gotta own it! :)

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