Monday, June 27, 2011

Mango Snail Ring + Life without the WWW

My internet decided to have it's menopause last Friday which will go on for God knows how long. This has happened at an extremely inconvenient time because I...
a) Am unable to watch the newest episode of True Blood.
b) Am unable to waste my time watching cute kittens or horny turtles on Youtube

Anyways, on a much brighter note, I got this ring from Mango last week because it was half off. I thought it was super cute when I saw it but lately when I wear it, I just picture the snail part oozing out where my finger should be. Below is an approximate image of what I see in my head every time I wear this ring. (the expressions vary depending on how many compliments I get that day.)

*nails- Gosh in Silver + Konad plate m57

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Recent Creation: Chained Vest

I made this vest for a final project in a course I was taking last semester. It was crazy challenging since it was my first time working with the chains which kept getting tangled even after it was finished. Anyways, it turned out quite well* and would probably make another piece using different ways to drape the chains.

*wearable as long as I don't make any sudden movements which is highly unlikely considering I have two left feet.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Bloor Red Carpet Event: Stars and Cars

Today Bloor-Yorkville celebrated the completion Bloor Street Transformation Project in "Red Carpet Style". It featured Yorkville Exotic Car Show, Tasting Pavilions and performances by Keshia Chanté and Shawn Desman who were both AH-mazing live. I was taken back into my 14 year old self when both artists sang a handful of their old songs which was simultaneously great and frightening.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Serious Business: Vancouver Riot

I hardly do serious posts but this is something I can't ignore/address.

I'm sure many of you have heard about the riots/looting/violence that began after the Vancouver Canucks lost in the Stanley Cup Finals. I am proud to be from Vancouver because of how amazing the city is and how kind the people are. However the events that took place last night were horrific and disgusting (I was not there first hand to witness this, but judging from just the videos and pictures that I have seen). I am saddened to hear that there were many stabbings and injuries, and a historical building The Hudson Bay Company was vandalized. I do believe the riots would have taken place whether or not the Canucks won the Stanley Cup. There are certain people who riot just because they have the opportunity to release their pent up frustrations of being a failure in life. It's unbelievable that other countries riot to have the government listen to them and to fight for their freedom while in Vancouver there are riots "because of hockey".

The damage is done and this incident has gone international, however I am so proud and happy at the response of true Vancouverites who have decided to clean up the mess of people who should not breathe the same air as us. Thousands of people showed up as early as 7 am to sweep up glass, scrub walls, and even clean the garbage cans. Companies such as Got Junk sent their crew members down to help out. I really hope that this post shows that most Vancouver people arn't violent nutcases or bystanders that like to look cool posing in front of burning cop cars (Seriously, what are you a homosapien? Have you not seen fire before?) With that said, let's cue the happy music.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Luminato is a 10 day festival in Toronto that celebrates theatre, art, film, magic, literature, dance, food, fashion and music.

One of the thing I was really looking forward to was the only fashion event Garden of Roses: Denis Gagnon Interprets Alice.

I was super nervous when I lined up to get my makeup done because I just have a thing about people touching/styling/doing stuff to my hair/makeup. And rightly so because I left Loreal looking like a street walker.

*All images belong to Rtai

Friday, June 10, 2011

Recent Thoughts...

  1. Never watch how I Met Your Mother while running on the treadmill
  2. Resist the urge to jump into an unattended running car and drive off with tires screeching
  3. Stop self diagnosing myself with the help of Google. Last time my calf muscle was numb and tingly for an extended period of time. I apparently nerve entrapment, multiple sclerosis, or diabetic neuropathy. Nothing good ever comes out of this.
  4. Resist the urge to try to look incredibly smart on the subway by doing yesterdays crossword puzzles with the answers memorized
  5. Will never understand people who order pizza, fries, ice cream, and every unhealthy food possible but will top it off with a diet coke.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Montreal Pt 2

Some more picture taking from my Montreal trip!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Diana: The Life of a Royal Icon

From May 16- June 10, there is a special exhibition featuring 14 dresses from Princess Diana at the Design Exchange. Some of the dress designers include, Victor Edelstein, Bruce Oldfield, Zandra Rhodes and the Princess’ favourite Catherine Walker.

Burgundy velvet dress by Catherine Walker. When I first saw this dress, it didn't really catch my eye, but then I saw the low V cut and silk taffeta bow in the back and I fell in love with it. This dress was worn to the premiere of Back to The Future in 1985.

Mid Length evening dress by Zanda Rhodes. Another one of my favourites! This dress is so romantic and cute from the little glass beads to the hand rolled pleats. The draping is and hem line combined with the lightness of the fabric creates that romantic/fantasy feeling which I adore!

Nautical evening dress by Catherine Walker. This one shouldered dress is made from blue silk crepe and timmed with a gold braid.

Scottish dancing dress by Catherine Walker. Diana worse this dress to dance at Balmoral Scotland at the Guildhall to benefit The Royal Marsden Hospital Cancer Fund.

Sequined dinner dress by Catherine Walker. Sequins embroidered by Catherine Walker.

Ivory silk crepe dress by Catherine Walker.

Velvet halter dress by Catherine Walker. I love the assymetrical sequin detail and draping on the left side the the dress creating a more sophisticated look.

Ivory Silk crepe dress by Catherine Walker