Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Thought of the Day: Andrej Pejic- Dossier

Andrej Pejic a Serbian androgynous model is the face of the newest issue of Dossier. I've always been a fan of Andrej because of his chameleon like looks. He's graced the runway for Jean Paul Gaultier (for the men and women show) and Marc Jacobs. When you look at his body, he is clearly a man but his face is so calm, serene and feminine. To me that combination is so intriguing and instantly draws me in.

However, two major bookstores in the US, Barnes & Noble and Borders have decided to have an opaque plastic wrap covering the magazine at Dossier's own expense. Although the bookstores do understand that Pejic is indeed a man the retailers stated that "the model is young and it could be deemes as a naked female". I would just like to point out men and women are constantly placed on magazine covers half naked, they are in movies, even daytime television.

There is no doubt in my mind that if this cover had featured a young man with pecs of steel and washboard abs, nobody would have given it a second though about it. I feel like the hair rollers and pins are what pushes this over the edge for these big retailers and that this hair is really meant for females. If Ellen Degeneres who does not have a typical feminine look can be the face for Cover Girl, why cant a young man wear hair rollers in his hair on a cover of a magazine? We live in a generation where different people and bodies are celebrated and stereotypes are being broken (even if it is still a work in progress.) In my opinion, nobody should be censored for being who they are.


  1. agreed- that censoring is garbage. i definitely thought that was a woman so i'm intrigued too! very cool post!

  2. I agree about the censorship. I also hate the plastic wrap on books at bookstores, especially when there's no good reason for it. I've actually never heard of Andrej Pejic before, but you've made me intrigued, so I'm going to look into him some more!

  3. i totally agree! i love how eloquently you stated it. great post!

    love from San Francisco,

  4. i love your blog



  5. we wrote about him on our blog, he is amazing model!

    nice blog,
    hope to see you ours. :)



  6. that is rediculous!
    I would rip off all those plastic covers!
    Great post. I'm linking it on twitter.

  7. I read about this, i thought it was so interesting/ridiculous. Amazing post

    BTW just came across your blog, and i really like it. Now following.
    check out mine and follow back!


  8. totally agree with you!

    i was lucky enough to see andrej pejic in new york in february at a women's collection presentation, he looked even more amazing in real life!