Sunday, May 1, 2011


About two months ago, I fell off the wagon. For a split second, that darkness within me took over. After fighting it for years and years, I just couldn't fight it anymore. It crept up behind me during my weakest moments and pounced. That's right... the horrors of nail biting.

I've had been an addict for many years. As a young pianist my nails always had to be short. Most of the time this 'short' was achieved through a combination of biting and tearing. After years of trying to quit, I eventually got over it when I discovered the beauty of nail polish. I couldn't bare to ruin such nice nails. However the end result has left me with permanent wonky nail beds and an uneven lateral nail fold on multiple fingers. I had relapsed a month and a half ago during midterm week and have been in rehabilitation ever since, hence the hiatus in nail posts.
Now that the winter semester is over I've had time to play around with some nail designs.

from left to right: Essie first Bast Coat, Essie- Mint Candy Apple, Gosh- Silver 555, Seche Vite Top Coat


  1. I've never understood what makes people bite their nails, but my dear, I am glad to see you in rehab! And these nail designs are so pretty, I can see the motivation behind quitting!

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  2. wow - i lovvve that! soo pretty!
    i'm still seaching for mint candy apple .. I will probably have to order online.

    fashionable footprints

  3. Wooooowww....this nail is very beautiful!!! I like it!!!!
    A big kiss from Italy!!!

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  4. love this post & love youre blog
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  5. your second to last picture is very misleading ...

  6. i'm 5'9''. and i think i slung it pretty low on my hips since the top is baggy. it's the first maxi i found that was actually long enough for me!
    very cool nail polish with the glitter. i'm not a nail biter but i am a knuckle cracker, so i can understand how hard it is to stop a habit like that! good luck :)

  7. hey honey! thanks for leaving this lovely comment :*

    I'm so in love with this nail design!!!! and maybe it helps ;) fortunately I don't have this problem...but I can imagine that it's a good idea to stop the habit-the nails just look toooooo beautiful to bite them ;)

    kisses esiul

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  10. So pretty the nails! :D

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  11. What is the powder made of??? Your nails look amazingg. :)