Thursday, May 26, 2011

Montreal Weekends

I spent the past long weekend in Montreal with the husband. Montreal is so lovely because its a good middle ground between Vancouver and Toronto. People go about their day at a relatively slow and relaxed pace (like Vancouver)while the art/design/fashion industry is quite strong.We stayed at La Maison du Patriote which was amazing because it was smack in the middle of Old Montreal! The weather was so generous by only raining for one night which allowed us to Bixi Bike around town. It was fun until I sprained my thumb (which eventually turned purple) from trying to reach for the brakes, and got a sore bum.

Me (with my fluffy monkey slippers) and the husband.

La Banquise has the most organismic poutine EVER. This poutine is heavenly with it's bacon, onion, sausage and very squeeky cheese. This place is super busy all the time, which is probably why it's open 24hrs.

We decided to work that poutine off by climbing Mont-Royal *this is like 12am*. Unfortunately it was so dark that we couldn't find are way up. I ended up stepping into a hole and twisting my ankle.

We also stopped by The Sparrow for all you can brunch. This restaurant is so cute with its bird wallpaper, comfortable sofas, and live musical performances.

Scones, caramel cheese, and the freshest butter I have ever tasted.

Dropped by Café Olimpico for our daily dose of caffeine.

I have to say Montreal had better thrift/vintage stores than Toronto. Friperie on Saint-Laurent was one of my favs, maybe it was because I scored an Alice & Olivia silk dress and belt? Friperie was quite small but the selection and prices were awesome.

Le Chat Perlé had the coolest costume jewelry as well as higher end vintage such as Dior and Chanel. There were so many cute and original rings, but like always, they were too big for me.

On Sunday we went to Tam Tams at Mount Royal. Tam Tams is a free event where people gather to play drums, dance, display art etc.

Super cute girls displaying their vintage finds.

The best sign ever!

We also went to the BioDome to see animals! This one cracked me up because nailed to the wood Jesus style. No? Too cruel?

This alligator stayed stationary like this for a good hour... ? so long that I thought it had died. Look at those paws up!

The most amazing Creme Brulee ever!


  1. The photos look amazing! And I wish we could have the creme brulee again..
    I'm glad you liked Montreal - you should visit it/me more often :)

    - Sandy

  2. That poutine looks delicious!
    I love Montreal - it's such a fun place :) Hoping to go there sometime in July!

  3. The pic of the girls selling thir vintage goods makes me wanna jump in the picture and start browsing :D


  4. the scones with the caramel look so yummy!!!

    kisses from & follow me back on BLOGGER BLOGS FASHION & BLOGLOVING'

  5. The creme brule looks so so so DELICIOUS! and to that we must add that im very hungry right now hah
    I just wanted to thank you for your comment on my blog lovely xoxo <3