Friday, May 20, 2011

Me Eat Food: Kale Chips

After seeing Gwyneth Paltrow on Ellen couple weeks ago promoting her new cook book filled with yummy recipes, I decided to try what seemed to be the easiest one (because I'm lazy like that).

All you really need to make Kale Chips are...

  • Kale leaves
  • olive oil/canola oil
  • salt
  1. wash kale
  2. remove leaves from stem and break into smaller bits (no too small because after baking they shrivel and shrink a lot)
  3. toss leaves with 1 tablespoon of oil
  4. add salt
  5. bake for about 20-25 min at 200 degrees F

The pictures above was the successful batch. I know what you are thinking, how could you mess up a simple recipe like this? Well I would like to blame it on the instructions I found online that told me to bake them at 350 degrees F. This resulted in a plate of ashes.


  1. i think i had kale once in a salad. i can't remember how it tasted. but i imagine it to taste like seaweed (the ones in the little snack packs?)

  2. Ooh... I'm wondering what these taste like. Reading the comment above, they do kind of resemble seaweed. I definitely wanna try this out sometime.

  3. Would love to try these one day. Looks so healthy!

  4. I've never tried Kale before... but now I'll give it a bash!
    Have a great weekend.

  5. YUM! I can never figure out how to cook kale myself. Thanks for posting this!

    <3 Irene
    Couture Petite

  6. You can cook it at 350, just for less time. duh!

  7. The leaves have different thicknesses and 350 less time with result in burnt edges on the leaves and moist stems. The trick is to bake at a lower heat at 200 for a longer length of time. duh.