Wednesday, May 11, 2011

DIY: Grizzly Where? In My Hair?!

Feather hair extensions have popular for awhile and thanks to Michelle Phan (who I adore), it's pretty easy to DIY them. However it seems a little impractical to actually crimp them on the hair since you can't wash your hair as the feathers get wet. There's always the option of clip on but I have the habit of running my fingers through my hair every 10 minutes, so that's a no go. An easy way to achieve the similar effect, is to create earrings out of grizzly feathers. (Sorry about the title, I just wanted a word that rhymed with hair so it was either "where" "bear" "affair" or "millionaire") Materials you will need to create these earrings are...
  • 1 pair of ear wires
  • crimp beads
  • culottes or clam shells
  • needle nose pliers
  • scissors
  • Grizzly feathers (Depending where you are the feathers can be quite costly. I got approximately 24 feathers for $12 CND.)

From left to right: crimp beads, culottes/clam shells, ear wire

Only in a small section on the top, strip away feathers (I just used my fingers) leaving only the stem. Repeat for as many feathers as you would like to use.

Thread all feather stems through clam shell.

Insert crimp bead through all stems and squish the crimp bead together using the pliers.

Trim off excess feather stems making sure when the clam closes, no stems reach past the edge of the clam opening.

close clam shell

Insert clam shell through Ear wire. (open and close with pliers)


  1. I just love your blog!

  2. This is awesome! What a cool DIY. My hair is really curly, but sometimes I wear it straight, and I totally need to try this for when I do!

  3. They kind of look like the feather bait you use when you go fishing except classier!!

  4. And the totally match your hair! Cool post. Thanks for sharing the tutorial, and drop by me too, soon.


  5. cool diy!!!!! nice blog!

    xoxo jenna

  6. love this idea-very cute:) and feather extensions have been huge in Boulder CO for nearly a year now and its so funny to see how everyone else is just catching on haha! Wonderful blog:)

  7. great diy!! love the way it turned out <3

  8. great tutorial!! where did you get your clam shells??

  9. omg!! I looked everywhere in kensington market for a feather earring/extension but couldn't find any! Too lazy to make though...