Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mass Exodus: Zenith and Nadir

Friday April 8th was the highly anticipated student run year end fashion show for Ryerson University. The theme this year Zenith and Nadir features designs from both Fashion Communication and Design students. Over 5000 people attend Mass Exodus yearly including family, students, media, and fashion industry experts. The Runway Show at 6pm showcased Ryerson's top 20 designs chosen by guest curator, Elizabeth Cabral, Fashion Director at Flare magazine.

Here are some of the designs that really stood out!

Kayoko Kawano- Lovely color palette that works so well with spring and fall. The dress with all the little flaps is so impressive! Kawano managed to make a garment that simultaneously looks structured yet flowy.

Kathryn Bennett- Love the 1860s with a twist. Especially with that sheer hoop dress. Scandalous!! (When I first saw these dresses I totally thought "Vampire Diaries". What's weirder is that Kathryn's last name is Bennett)

Judy Wong- This collection is so cohesive and wearable! Lovely color combination and style lines.

John Hillifer- This collection reminded me a bit of Yohji Yamamoto! It's incredibly hard to see the design details in these images but each piece was simplistic yet complex in its own way.

Kristin Schaefer- Elegant, romantic, and intricate. I'm loving the dress with a buckle on it. So out of place... but it works!

Celine Gasper- I can't express how much I love this collection. The color, big bows, roses, draping... LOVE!

Katrina Hernandez- Pleasantly surprised with some pieces in this collection. Eg: lovely dress.. uh huh, yup, pretty color, nice draping... [turns around] *bam* super cool cut outs.

Moiya Thai- All the details with pleating was breathtaking. The pieces fit great on the models. Overall this collection was executed wonderfully. Probably one of the most cohesive collections in the show!

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