Friday, January 7, 2011

Joyeux Noël Monsieur Ford

I've FINALLY gotten my hands on the Holiday issue of French Vogue!!! Spotted it in a NewsStand store in Richmond Centre but they carried each issue a month late. Needless to say, I visited the store twice a week to see if it was in stock.
Never have I been a French Vogue reader, but Tom Ford as the editor in chief for the Holiday Issue was too good to pass up.

One of my favorite spreads Cadeux photographed by Sharif Hamza featured young girls dressed in very sophisticated clothing and shoes that are much too big for their feet. The spread is so genius playing on the fact that many high fashion models as young as fourteen or fifteen are breaking into the industry. On the other hand, there’s something uncomfortable and frightening about seeing a ten year old girl’s face plastered in makeup, giving the camera bedroom eyes.

Another spread photographed by Terry Richardson called Pussy West (couldn’t help but laugh) are one of my favs. Like the usual Richardson style, the spread is over sexualized, but the story of the editorial is highly entertaining, and the photography is A-mazing. Especially branding the male models bum with “TF”.

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