Thursday, January 6, 2011

Incredibly Late Boxing Day teeny tiny Haul

I'm sorry to say that my first post is purely about a failed shopping day. I'm back home in Richmond for the holidays where my shopping disease is more contained than it being in Toronto. Nonetheless, here it is..

Rachel Roy Gold Spike Bracelet- absolutely obsessed with the spikes!The Bay- Rachel Roy. (They are still on sale at for $32.50)

Knee High Boots- I've been meaning to buy myself for a pair for awhile but I'm SUPER picky with boots. They've got to be comfortable, a decent heel height so they won't be worn down as quickly etc. So they're not exactly the Stella McCartney thigh highs ( that I've been eyeing but they'll satisfy me for now. $

Blow Fish Countdown flats- Again with the spikes! They're not leather but surprisingly comfortable. The only negative thing I have to say is that the pointed toe makes my big feet look... bigger Blowfish- $20

Banana Republic Ring- absolutely adore EVERYTHING about this ring. The antique gold finish, the slanted face of the ring, and the embedded rhinestones. The perfect hardware for punching someone in the face.

Banana Republic

Daisy watch/necklace
- I was drawn to this immediately due to the white daisy which had a striking resemblance to the Daisy used in the Marc Jacobs perfume. I adore the little clock on it (even though it seems silly when someone asks you the time and you go "hang on just let me grab the daisy hanging against my chest")

The Bay- Expression

As you all can see, it's not much of a haul. I am a little disappointed with the sales going on in stores. Most of the pre X'mas sales were the same as the boxing day sales. However, FRET NOT. All shopaholics know that the good sales are in mid-late January! Bring It!

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