Friday, January 28, 2011

Douchebags for Cancer!

Marc Jacobs recently started a campaign called "protect the skin you're in" featuring naked fashionable celebrities including Heidi Klum, Dita Von Teese, Victoria Beckham, and... Sean Avery NHL hockey player for the New York Rangers. As a fashion, and hockey lover, I cannot begin to fathom why anyone would like to have an unattractive ahole on and off the ice naked on their shirt. The Copyranter says it best " Douchebag Sean Avery does nude skin cancer tshirt".

This t-shirt can be yours for only $49.99 USD!(I would pay $49.99 to not have him on my shirt)

Maybe I don't understand, and this is the type of guy kids look up to nowadays. Or maybe I'm still bitter about a fashion nobody like Sean Avery getting to intern at Vogue. Either way, he's still a whole lot of douche in a bag.

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